COVID-19 Announcement

Due to the current health crisis, our office is taking all the recommended necessary precautions to limit the risks for our staff and our clients, while continuing to provide essential services.
Please do not come to our office without first calling and booking an appointment.

Please do not come to our office if you have been travelling, have a new or developing cough or fever, or if you have had direct contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19.

If you are picking up a package from our office please telephone us when you arrive, stay in your car, and your package will be placed on a table on our front porch. Once our staff member is back inside you may come up and take your package.

When you arrive for a scheduled appointment, you will be asked to sanitize your hands with hand sanitizer that we will provide. We sterilize all surfaces in between each client and we encourage everyone to keep the appropriate amount of social distance for the duration of the meeting.

Telephone Issues:

Due to higher congestion in our area, our phone provider has let us know that our clients may experience issues while attempting to contact our office by phone. Should you experience any issues while calling our office, whether you are disconnected or the call is dropped, please do try to call the office again. Should you continue to experience issues you may contact us via e-mail at: